Since this is Issue 15, You'll need some catching up on what's going on until I get all the earlier issues scanned in.. Here's a pretty rough 'overview' of what's going on:

This Comic takes place after the Movie, and before the Headmasters Episodes.
Up until now, Galvatron created many new transformers (Boaticons, Straticons, and tons more) (My Designs).. Anyway, in this comic, Sixshot was created from parts from *SOMETHING*, and is VERY powerful. Sixshot took Galvatrons Leadership with a few cannon shots to the head and body - he was left to die.

Sixshot then lead the Decepticons for a few episodes, and Galvatron got revenge... with some loyal forces, he went to trypticon and destroyed him supposedly.

The Stunticons are GOOD in this comic, they have been reprogrammed by Hotrod. But, Galvatron ALSO had some fun reprogramming bots.. Omega Supreme is a Decepticon now.

In the last episode, Galvatron was tricked into a situation that got him toasted a bit by Lightning Bolt - He though he killed Galvatron. Lightning Bolt is was the leader of the Straticons, but now exclaims he's the Decepticons Emperor!! (Ohhh Boy..) 

Anyway in the last issue, we have Lightning Bolt taking Command, and turning around (The WERE retreating) to go back to Critoria (Autobot Island Humans Help create for the Autobots).

So Here we go, I'd really like some comments on this, if I get lots of feedback on it, I'll scan them all in, and even continue the series (This was the LAST issue I made) - So anything after this would be 100% Digital! :-)




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This Comic book was Created in April 1990. It is Issue 15 of the Transformers - "Another Saga" Comic I
Created. This comic has been Digitally Restored, and Enhanced, and looks a LOT better now. Enjoy!

If I get lots of feedback and a good response for this, I'll go ahead an scan in all the others and restore
them as well. The earlier issues will really need cleaning up.. <g>



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