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Links Updated on 11/12/2006
If you know of Any Website that Should be listed here Email Me
Links that are Broken, or have New URL's also Email Me

Sci-fi Links

Primitive Screwhead
A Really nice site that has some great sketches and a cool Gallery of Sci-Fi pics - and some not Sci-Fi, but still awesome!

The U.S.S. Angeles Website
A really cool Star Trek Club In Los Angeles, CA, that has lots of awesome stuff, 3D Meshes, Holo Novels, News and SO much more.. A great find, and easily a place you can spend the entire afternoon going through!

Tellius' Borg Collective Database
Cool site, with great Borg Designs and great pics!! Nice Web Effects too!

SG-1.Net - The Stargate Fan Network
Nice site for Stargate SG-1 on the Internet, great News, Info, and Episode Guides.
MGM's Commercial Website for Stargate SG-1. Its pretty cool also

Mike Jonas' Secret Transmissions
For the latest news for Both DS9 and Voyager, Also many other things to check out.

Space Battles
This is one heck of a site, If you love Sci-Fi CGI movies like I do, this is a MUST SEE site, and has a great forum as well! Check them out!

Mr. Video Productions Home Page
One of my favorite sites to view Previews for
Star trek Series, has Preview Images, Plot's, and even Real Media Movies.

TrekWeb is one of the Best (a Top 10)
Star trek Sites on the Net. Episode Guides, Great Links, Sneak Previews, Interviews with Producers of DS9 and Voyager also!

The Vulcan Cafe V. 2.0
This is one site that gets information up fast, and is updated weekly, Many great things to read about here!

Sci-Fi Art Forums
Awesome Forums for Great Artists that Work in 3D Apps such as Lightwave, 3D Studio Max, trueSpace, and More! Show off your art, or ask a question, Great Site!

The Transformers
Remember the 1980's Toy line, and the awesome Cartoon? well this site has it all, and great Links too! Images, Video, Episode Guides, and More!

Star trek Page
This is one of my Faves, its mainly 3D Rendered artwork, which is awesome, he also has a few 3D Studio meshes available for download. Nice site!

Star trek: The Experience - Las Vegas
If you are a Trekker, go to this page NOW, it has all the latest info on the new Las Vegas resort called "Star trek: The Experience", over 40 million dollars went into this Star trek Locale.

f you want the latest news in the Trek world, this is the place to go, TONS of interviews, and Reviews, Artwork, and News, your Complete trek source!

Starship Design

Utopia Planitia Fleetyards - LCARS
One Great Trek Site for Many of the Ships seen in the Movies, Series, and More.

Pedro's Shiporama
This is one of my Fave's, AWESOME Ship Index, Even has the latest Starships, with Pictures, and Specs. A MUST See!

Starship Modeler
Has Star trek, Star Wars and B5 Ships. Great Looking Site, and Tons of Information on So many Ships.

CultTVMan's SF Modelers Webring
This is the Listing of all the Different Sites in the Sci-Fi Modeler's Webring. Many Great Sites, Check it out!

Daystrom Institute Technical Library
Another Great Site, Awesome layout and Look, has an extensive Index of Ships and Specs. Another Must See!

UFO's & the Paranormal

Welcome to Strange But True
This place has the most ODD facts around. Weird Laws, like one is one state where it's illegal to Spit on the Sidewalk, or Sneeze! Odd as Hell.

Sighting's on the Radio
Remember the Show Sightings? Its now an Internet Show. Check it out if you are into UFO's and Stuff.

The Art Bell Website
Art Bell, You either Love him, or Hate Him, Late Night Talk Radio Host, Listen to him on AM Radio or on Also has a Studio Cam, His Talk Show is 5 Hrs Long and Art Talks about UFO's the
Paranormal, Bigfoot -- All those Freaky Things..<g> Has over 450 Affiliates!

The Center for the Study of
Extraterrestrial Intelligence
SETI. These are the people that Search the Sky for Signals from Space. A Very Cool Site.

J-Track Satellite Tracking
This Site has a JavaScript that shows you EVERY Satellite that orbits the Earth! You can rotate the Earth, View Info on each and Every Satellite. Cool Stuff.

Parapsychology/UFO Research Center
Another Neat UFO Site, Many
Article's on Sightings and Reports.

CAUS - Citizens Against UFO Secrecy
Great Site, Has a Mailing List for Reports on UFO's and other
freaky Things!

trueSpace Related Links

Official Caligari Website
The One and Only Caligari, Makers of trueSpace - The Best Modeling Program IMO, Easy too. Check out the Free Demo

Binary Reality
Here, you'll find tons of Resources for trueSpace including tSX plugins, (Like the Bitmap Genesis plugin & Bitmap Primitives tSX plugin for trueSpace), tSS shaders, tutorials, 3D galleries, seamless textures, links, and More!

Darkfront: Files
Great place to download all your medieval meshes - Awesome Sword meshes and lots of other types of meshes as well, and a killer Gallery with some cool medieval dudes in Armor.

A really great site that has one heck of a huge listing for Resources for Truespace, and a large and cataloged linked area
Visit now, its very helpful!

trueSpace Envy
This is another Favorite TS site of mine, I
LOVE the Web design, its so cool.. Envy's got lots of great Resources, Links, and a great Gallery! Don't forget to join in and win a contest!!

Extruder 1.0 for TrueSpace
Extruder is a program that creates a solid object from a 2-dimensional image, its a really helpful tool!
(For tS2.0 or 3.0)

LOGIC Bit Studios
This is Frank A. Rivera's Website, and man, checkout his Animation Studio areas.. Awesome Pics! He also Has a Book, Inside trueSpace4, which I own, and is one hellva resource!

The Render Engine - trueSpace 3D
Are you a trueSpace user? Looking for the latest news, Tips and all the latest info on plug-ins, Shaders, Ect? Go here, you will NOT be sorry!

3D Objects / Meshes

Simply Starships
This site has to be one of the best Star trek Model sites out there - This guys got TONS of the NEW Ships, and TONS of the ones never even seen on TV or Movies! Go there Now!!

Free WWII Models / Meshes
The Very best site for World War II Models, such as a US M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage, and many more - all models are in Max or Max2 Format.

3D Design Online
The Best Magazine for 3D also has a Website.. Has many Informative
Articles and More.

Here or Starship Mesh Database
A Really great page full of 3D Models from the
Star trek Universe, and a great LCARS interface to navigate!!

VRML Models and Textures
Many VRML Links and a Search Engine to get even More!

3D Expresso - Object Links
Many links directly to Meshes - Lots of Great Links.. Needs updating though.

Amazing 3D graphics, Inc.
Many Royalty-free Meshes, and very nice layout, a must see.

Mr. Sheep's RayTracing Home Page
Has a few Nice Meshes for Download, uses trueSpace and PolyRay as the Modelers.

Rarius Home Page
Nice B5 Gallery, The Author uses POV to create his Images, Nice Stuff!

Viewpoint DataLabs
Since 1993, Viewpoint has been online Selling Models, and Providing some for Free, this is a nice site as well.

Star trek Mesh Collection

This is the best place to get ALL the
Star trek Models, The Author has collected every known Mesh on the Internet and added them to his site, its Awesome.

Willies Truespace Objects
13 Meshes created in trueSpace, and are really nice.

3DSite: Model Market
One of the best sites to find Meshes, (Many Free) and So much more - Textures, Plug-ins, Ect!

Raith's Page of Star Wars Art
Many Great Star wars Meshes for Download, Most done in trueSpace. a Must-See for a Star wars Fan!


3D CAFE(tm) by Platinum Pictures
This is one of the Worlds largest sites for 3D Artists, has so many different resources like Free Models, Textures, and a HUGE Links Database - If you wanted to start somewhere, this is the place to go!

Atlas of Rocks, Minerals, and Textures
Part of the 'Virtual Geology' project at the University of North Carolina - has some odd looking textures for Modeling programs.. Nice too!

Background and Texture Archive
Tons of nice tiled backgrounds for use on your Website and some can even be used in modeling.

International Signs Online
Here you can find some Signs that may help you with a Project or just use them for fun.

The Texture Studio
This is a really neat site, he makes textures for Games, such as Unreal, but you can use them for anything really.. Nice stuff!

Infinite Fish Productions
Need some really flash backgrounds for your website? Well go check this site out.. Some of these textures are so weird, but all are cool!

Maps of the Solar System
Looking for every single Planet Texture in our Solar System? Head over to JPL's Site and start your downloads. <g>

Forrest Gump's Texture Palace
One of the BEST Sites for all different textures - Marble, Rock, Stone, and all the others.. All Hi-Res, and made for Modeling packages.

Graphics & 3D Links

Mateens Greenways Homepage

Another Cool 3D Site I visit
a lot, Has tons of things to Look at, Including a bunch of great Meshes. Also checkout the cool Image Gallery, its really awesome!

Ultimate 3D Links
Many, Many Links to Tons of 3D Resources. Check it out!

3D Cafe "The Graphics Resource"
One of the best sources for 3D Tools and Objects on the net. They have Textures, CD-ROM's full of Stuff for the Graphics Artist.

Avalon Datalabs 3D Resource's
Avalon Datalabs is a great page for 3D artists, you can download 3D object's in MANY formats! Go Check them out!

trueSpace3 Resources
If you use trueSpace2 or 3, you need to go here; its got tons of information on trueSpace and ways to design things. How to do complex scenes and so much more.

Axion Software
The place to get Truespace
Lens flare Objects, Space backgrounds, and a bunch of other cool special effects!

Extruder 1.0 for TrueSpace
This site has a program that takes a gif, and extrudes the images to a wireframe! nice program!

Wolf359 Homepage
One of the BEST Star-trek Sites for
Star trek Models. Has some awesome Trek Renderings!

3D CAFE(tm) by Platinum Pictures
Textures, Images, Meshes, and More!

This is one of my Favorite Trek Mesh Sites, You can download may new Starships, and more from the
Star trek Universe!

The Moray Homepage
Moray in a different type of 3D Program, its pretty cool, at this site, there are a bunch of Trek Models in Moray Format!

The 3D Source -Standard Models
Tons of Objects from Arms to Zippers! I mean this site is SECOND TO AVALON! Over 600 Free Objects!

Z-Design: 1701-D Enterprise
If you want the USS Enterprise 1701-D, with all its textures, go here, this guy has designed an awesome Model of the Enterprise-D.

Cosmo Alliance - The New 3D Web
A 3D Webring of nothing but Sci-Fi Meshes! Its kinda new, but will grow in time!

Smacker Video Technology
Smacker is a type of codec that encodes animations and does not need a decoder because the smacker program encodes itself into the animation, and it makes animations SMALL, and with great detail.

Ultimate 3D Links
Pretty much self-
explanatory.. Nice site!

3D CAFE(tm) by Platinum Pictures
Another awesome site, full of textures, objects, icons, fonts, and so much more. worth a visit!

Texture Land
This Site has a few textures, but not enough in my opinion to be called a land!

The NEW Graphics BBS Web Site
The Graphics website has so great archives and many CD online that contain textures, meshes, and many other things, FREE!

Computer Support
The BEST Windows 95/98 support on the net, even better than Microsoft! Looking for a tweak or want to edit anything in Windows? they have it. Also Winfiles has a HUGE drivers database of links and sooo much more.
Anything bug you about Windows? Well this site has fixes, patches, and more for either Windows 95/98. Say you want all that IE Integration gone from Windows 98, They can help!

Packard Bell User Group
If you own a Packard Bell, and need help with it, such as what kind of sound card you have, go here, and read some of the letters. Its a big help for PB Users.

The Cavern's Windows 95 Page
Another Excellent Windows 95 Page that has tons of software and freeware that adds
enhancements to Windows 9x. Also Programs FOR Windows.

The Voodoo Guru 3Dfx
'The' Site for all your 3D Hardware & Software issues - 3Dfx - news - voodoo 1 & 2 - files - links -
chat pages - discussion forum - 2nd hand sales

Shell Enhancements for Win95
Tons of Great Shell
Enhancements for Windows 95, and 98. Many Upgrades to OSR2.

Weather Links

Dr. Sky Astronomy and Aeronautics
This is a great site for people into Astronomy. A Must See!

Current Solar Data: NOAA data
Check and See what the Sun is doing. See how powerful the Solar Flares are at the current time. Kinda Cool.

The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel is the leader in forecasting weather. With its up-to-date radars and 5 day forecasts updated hourly!

Local Florida Radar
Local Florida Radar" For the latest Florida Radars in 5 formats, check out MSNBC's Intellecast Radar! Great Detail and Image maps.

Tampa Tribune Online
The Tampa Tribune Newspaper has a great site, very nice layout, and clean interface, tons of info and hosts Channel 8's (WFLA) Doppler Radar. Its one of Central
Florida's best Radars.

World News

News from the Associated Press
One of the largest News Sources on the Internet, Choose by State and City for the latest Headlines off the AP.

CNN Interactive
CNN is the Best News Site, has the latest News, and Great Stories.

The Newspaper also has a Great Website. Lots of Updates and Hourly Reports.

Misc. or Weird Links

Cats Who Have a House to Run!
If you own a cat, you will love this site, its full of things cats do, and the oddities that they have!

Major Search Engines

Most Updates Engine, and Largest.

A Small Search Engine and doesn't have very many updated Links.

The Internet Movie Database.
Looking for Movie Stars? Learn their History here and More.

This is C|Net's Search Engine, it uses everyone else's Engines to look for what you want. This one is Okay, but sometimes Slow.

Welcome to Magellan!
This is a less used Search Engine, Kinda Small, but it is Updated pretty good.

Lycos Home Page
Lycos houses tons of links, but their Bot's grab many URL's that are pointless. Has a "Best of" Area.

Good Search Engine, has a large Database of New Sites also.

Fast, But not as up-to-date as AltaVista. Good to find People too.

HotBot is Updated Daily, fast Searches, and MANY, MANY pages.

FAST FTP Search v3.7
Great File Finder site. FTP to all sites you want!
Another Great FTP file Finder. Fast, and has a Best of also!

Welcome to Excite!
Excite is another great Search Engine, Updated
a lot, and Fast. Many Pages.

Deja News
THE Best Search Engine for Newsgroups (
Usenet), Huge Database, the one and only Search Engine to use for Looking up things for Support on Anything Really..

Database America People Finder
Looking for someone? This will look up people by address, Phone, or First and Last Names.

Yahoo used to be THE Search Engine, but is now has VERY old links, 23% of all links are broken. But it is fast, and is updated kinda slowly. (Took 6 Months to get MY Site listed).

A Brand New Search Engine, its another Awesome one, Fast, and Updated Daily. Fast URL Bots.

Trek Search
Looking for Star trek Related Stuff? Check here and Trek seek. Both are Awesome Sites for Everything Trek!
Another New Website, Fast and Updated, check this one out, it is worth it..

Entertainment Links

Siamese Can Fan Club
Cat Lovers and Owners alike, Visit this Site, its one of my favorites.. Many Nice Stories, and Pictures - You can even Adopt Cats here!
Paramount's Kings Island
King's Island is a Theme Park just outside of Cincinnati, OH, and is the Home of "The Beast" - THE Largest, and Fastest Wooden Roller Coaster in the World. Plus, Tons of other Rides that Kick Ass!

DISH Network Official Website
Looking to Buy a DSS Dish for TV? Look NO Further, Direct TV is More Expensive, and Gives you LESS,
Prime Star Went Bankrupt, and Direct TV Bought them. If you want 200-500 Channels, PPV Movies @ $2.99 instead of $3.99, Check out Dish Network!

Game Center Online (C|net Site)
This is one of the best Gaming sites I have been to, its always up-to-date, and has some great reviews, download demos, checkout the latest screen-shots and so much more.

Online Gaming Review
OGR is another cool Gaming mag, and their online zine is also great!

Computer Gaming World
The #1 Gaming Mag on the Market! Its got reviews, downloads, previews, and release dates on games (via Pipeline).

PC Gamer Online
The Second best, and this site has some great reviews, links and more.

Lottery Results
Get the latest Florida Lotto Results here, also other states, but you will have to change the
navigation setup to get to it.

Paramount's Kings Island
This is one cool place, its located in Ohio, and has tons of awesome rides, one of which is legendary; THE BEAST! Also has the Racer,
Vortex, Twilight Zone, and So much more.

Kali Internet Gaming
Kali Internet Gaming HQ" Is an awesome program that tricks your computer to thing you are on an IPX network, when infact, you are on the internet! For a ONE TIME fee of $20 US Dollars, you can register this, and may I say it's WELL WORTH it! How would you like to play Descent 1 or 2 with 6 people? Or Doom, Duke3D, or Even Warcraft ][! Download the demo today! The Demo is limited to 15 min's per connection. so register to remove this feature. (It IS worth it!)

C|net Central
C|net Online has a huge database and covers everything you can imagine. A Leader in the Web Community. C|net Also has a TV show on the USA Network. Check Local Listings.

Ziff Davis Magazine's
Ziff Davis, Publishing Scan through the Online version of PC Week, PC Computing, Computer Shopper, Windows Magazine,
Mac User, Mac Week Interactive Week, Computer Life, Family PC, Computer Gaming World, Yahoo Internet Life and MORE! 

Electronic Arts Inc.
lectronic Arts is one of the largest gaming software Companies. There are tons of great Links from this page to other companies such as Bullfrog, Origin and MANY others! 

Quake II Links

3 Fingers' & Heron's Stuff
This is a Favorite of mine. Tweaking Guides, Autoexec.cfg's and SOO Much more.. File Downloads, News, and Skins!

Alexei Ramone's Quake Fonts
Killer Fonts for Windows Based Operating Systems.

Fahrenheit176's Quake 2 Console
Commands List
Need to learn all the Command to type in, in the Console? This Site has it.

Slip gate Central... out for lunch

A Search Engine for Quake Related Items. Nice Search Engine.

Zanshin's GLDojo
Looking to Tweak the Hell out of your 3D Card for Quake? This Site will show you exactly HOW to Use OpenGL Command to Speed up your Quake!

Captured.Com - CTF HQ
I Love Playing Capture the Flag in Quake and Quake II. These Guys Are the Ones that Made the best Levels! Check this Site out!

The Source for all Your Quaking Needs! <g>. Has all the latest Updates, News Info, and Other Files.

Cheats & Trainers

Absolute Gamesolver Archive
If you need Solves or a push in the right direction for any game, check this site out!

Game Over Online Magazine
A Great Magazine dedicated to Cheats and Trainers, they Are Really Good. - a site
Good for Older Games, But Is VERY Outdated, Someone Wake up the Webmaster there! <g>.

New Adventure Walkthroughs
Stumped? Get a Walkthrough.

Game NOT Over!
I Really like this site, Go here first for the latest Cheats and Hacks - Trainers.

The Spoiler Centre
Has all the Trainers, and Cheats, But is kinda Outdated, Not Updated Much.

Great Cheats, Hacks, Trainers and More.

SimCity 3000 Resource Center
The Second Best Site For SimCity! Get Cheats, News, And More!

SimCity 3000 HQ
Electronic Art's and Maxis' Main Site for Sim City. Get New Buildings, Land Masses, and Patches Here.

Need For Speed Cheats
One of my Favorite Need for Speed 3 Sites I go to, Netscape 4.5 Users Beware, May crash upon Loading, So use IE4 or 5 for this one.

Toys - Transformers & G.I.Joe's

Beast Wars Schedule
This Page will show you exactly when then which show will be on (Has US and UK listings)

Protoform Project
Another Cool Beast wars Website, a must See, for those into Transformers.

A very Complete site with lots of Information on
Beast Wars Transformers!

The Beast Wars Transformers
The Official Website for
Beast wars - Transformers. Cool Stuff on Here.

Orlando FX Toy Convention 2000
One of the Largest Toy Conventions in the USA! I have been to it for the Last 4 Years, and Has nearly EVER Toy Ever Made!

Zartan's Domain
The Best Site for The Small 1980's G.I. Joes (Which I Collected and Still Own), AWESOME Figure Listings with Pictures, and even has the Commercials from the 80's in AVI Format!

Louisville, Kentucky Links

Looking for all the latest events happening in Louisville? This is One place to find it!

Welcome to Kentucky Connect!
One of the BEST Kentucky News Websites, has the Louisville and Lexington News and More.

Kentucky Derby Festival - It's For You!
When the Kentucky Derby is on, this Site is really cool, has Pictures and Mov Files.

A Secondary Small Newspaper Publisher in Louisville Kentucky, Great Info for Teens and shows all the Events and Entertainment for the Whole month!

Info and News in the Louisville Metro Area. Great for Everything.

The Louisville Connection BBS Web Site
One of the Websites I go to for Info on Louisville when I visit.

Has all the things you would Expect at a Science Center, also Houses an IMAX Theater, Great Stuff.

ShopYourMall - Welcome to Fayette Mall
This site will find the Mall you are looking for, give you great information on the Mall, its Hours, and More.

ChurchillDowns - VirtualChurchill
The HQ For the Kentucky Derby! If you are into Horse Racing, Hit this Site!

Wave 3 News - Louisville, Ky
Wave 3 - an NBC Aff. in Louisville, Ky, is the Best Channel IMO. Has great Newscasters.

Courier-Journal Newspaper
The Number One Newspaper for Louisville Kentucky.

WHAS 11 - Kentuckiana's News Channel
Whas 11 - CBS Aff. Another Great Channel on in Louisville, Ky.

WLKY is NewsChannel 32
Wlky 32 is an ABC Aff, This one is my Second Favorite in Louisville Kentucky.

Fox41 WDRB TV Louisville
Fox 41 a Fox Channel - I watched this one the Most, because it had all the Cartoons! (As a Kid I did!) <g>

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