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Deep Space Nine News
Updated on 08/08/99


1/4: Sisko and Kassidy Yates get married.

Till Death Do Us Part

2/4: Deals with Sisko and the Prophets.


Original air week: 4/19/1999

This is part three of a ten-parter.

4.4.99: The leader of the Breen, Thot Gor, and the Female Changeling begin preparations to sign a new alliance. On the same ship, Worf and Ezri are beamed aboard. Damar objects to the Alliance, because concessions made to the Breen may end up harming Cardassia. Kai Winn and Anjhol (Dukat in disguise) complete their bond, pledging to restore Bajor even if the Emissary stands in their way. Worf and Ezri are due for execution, but Worf is able to kill Weyoun (don't worry, fellow Weyounians) and Damar aids in their escape, promising his support to the Federation after rejecting the alliance with the Breen. Winn becomes a member of the Pagh'Wraith cult.

3/4: Deals with Weyoun and the Female Changeling trying to cure the Founders' disease.

Worf and Ezri are beamed aboard a Jem'Hadar ship, where the Female Shapeshifter and Thot Gor, the respective leaders of the new Dominion-Breen alliance, prepare to sign a treaty designed to destroy the Federation and end the war. However, Damar objects to signing it because of concessions, made to Thot Gor, which could harm Cardassia. Meanwhile, Kai Winn and Dukat seal their bond by pledging to restore Bajor--even if the Emissary stands in their way.


The Changing Face of Evil

4.5.99: Press Release Summary
The crew's relief at Worf and Ezri's safe return is tempered by reports that the Breen have attacked Starfleet Headquarters on Earth. While Dominion and Breen commanders exult in their sneak attack, their supposed ally - Cardassian leader Damar - secretly plots to free his homeland from Dominion occupation. Meanwhile, on Bajor, Dukat tells Kai Winn she must release the Pah-wraiths - the corporeal enemies of her people's gods - from the planet's fire caves by reading the ancient forbidden text of the Kosst Amojan.

4.4.99: Kai Winn and Anjohl continue to conspire together. It was previously believed that Marc Alaimo had said that Dukat murders Winn in this episode but his fan club confirm that he has made no such statements. The Defiant is destroyed by a new Breen weapon. Damar declares that Cardassia is under Dominion occupation.

When It Rains..

Original air week: 5/01/99

4.4.99: According to a TGL source who attended a recent convention, Odo will begin to show first signs of the Founder's sickness in this episode. His condition will get worse. Meanwhile, Damar's objection to the signing of the Dominion-Breen treaty forces him to turn to a few DS9 crew members, in an attempt to foil the signing of the treaty which could end up harming Cardassia.

Tacking Into The Wind

Original air week: 5/08/99

Gul Rusot, a member of the Cardassian resistance, receives a dressing down from Kira when he makes a mess of planting a bomb. Odo continues to suffer from the disease, but he is hiding it from Kira. Bashir and O'Brien continue to work on the cure, but decide that it might be possible to get it from Section 31. Gowron and Martok argue, since Gowron is using ever riskier tactics against the Dominion. Sisko agrees with Martok, but Gowron is the Chancellor and can do what he wants. Weyoun and the Female Changeling discuss the resistance, and ways of beating them - while Kira, Rusot and Damar plan to attack. Kira tells Garak that she knows how bad Odo is, and talks to him about the Breen weapon. Garak and Damar talk about founding a new Cardassia when the war is over. Odo keeps up his pretence. Worf and Ezri discuss the Gowron problem. Kira, Garak, Damar and Rusot launch their plan to steal a Breen ship, one with the new energy weapon. Bashir and O'Brien plan to get the cure for Odo. Worf and Gowron fight, and Worf wins. Martok is named Chancellor (no time for all that arbiter of succession stuff, then). Tensions between Kira and Rusot grow, so Damar kills him.

4.4.99: A Klingon-heavy episode, featuring Martok and Gowron. Odo is really suffering from the disease now. Bashir and O'Brien begin work on finding a cure. Opposing Gowron's bad decision making, Worf challenges Gowron to a fight to the death... and wins...

Night Tremors

Original air week: 5/15/99

4.7.99: Bashir and O'Brien put their plan in to operation, luring Sloan to the station and getting the cure for Odo.

4.4.99: This is mainly a Bashir/O'Brien episode (the last of the series), which also involves Director Sloan and Section 31. Expect to see story threads running throughout this episode for Kira, Damar and Garak. The 'Ferengi bunch' will not appearing in "Night Tremors", but they will appear in the next episode.

The Dogs of War

Original air week: 5/22/99

4.7.99: The new Defiant arrives. Bashir and Ezri are both nervous about talking to each other. The Cardassian resistance movement grows in support. However, many of them are caught in an ambush. Rom becomes the new Grand Nagus after a series of mix-ups. Sisko is upset to learn that Kassidy is pregnant. Forced to hide, Garak takes Kira and Damar to the only place he can think of to hide - Mila's house. Sisko plans a major assault against the Dominion...Oooooohh! This can only mean one thing - BIG SPACE BATTLES IN THE FINALE!

4.4.99: The new Defiant NCC-74205-A arrives. And Rom will become Grand Nagus!

What You Leave Behind -- Series Finale!

Original air week: 5/29/99

4.7.99: As part of an ugly scene with Ezri and Julian, Worf decides to go back to the Enterprise (since when did Starfleet officers decide where they would be posted, although Picard does have some pull with Starfleet Command and he would leap at the chance to get Worf back). This results in the arrival of the Enterprise-E at DS9. Apparently it cost $100,000 to convert the model for use on the small screen. The Enterprise will be involved in a big battle, with all guns blazing. Was "Eleventh Hour" but read on. Chris Howell, over at the The Great Link, appears to know more than he's letting on (bugging him won't help, though). He's promised the writers that he won't say too much. He has said though that Dukat will have a very big smile on his face since things will have gone very well for him up to this point in the arc. Meanwhile, the Dominion prepares to launch a massive offensive. Bradley Thompson reckons the effects are going to cost a pile of money.

3.28.99: Beware of SPOILERS... rumors from the Robert O'Reilly ("Gowron") official fan club say that the leader of the Klingon High Council dies in the series finale. Also, rumor came out of a reliable source last week that the Defiant will be destroyed in the last episodes leading up to the finale.

BEWARE OF SPOILERS... Rumor has it that the Enterprise E may make a cameo. Also, Sloan from Section 31 may be returning (so hints writer Bradley Thompson), expect the season-long allusions to the Battle of Alamo to "pay off," as well as to see Sisko join the leagues of the Prophets.


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