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04/15/99 - MOVIES: NO TREK 'TIL 2003?

Star Wars pushes the Enterprise into the early 21st century

About two weeks ago, Star Trek producer had announced that the Tenth Star Trek movie was in early development -- somewhere around the "What do you think the next Star Trek movie should be about?" stage. No ideas were revealed, no stories told, but it seems such an early admission was indicative of Paramount's pressure on the Trek franchise to come up with another hit or face extinction.

At this point, though, it looks like Berman may be out of luck when it comes to the movies. Jonathan Frakes, who's rumored to be starring in a possible new Trek TV series, has gone out of his way to say that there ain't gonna be a new Trek movie any time soon. According to a statement to the New York Daily News, Frakes has stated, "Patrick Stewart doesn't want to do one for about three years, and the studio wisely believes we should let the Star Wars films come and go before we get back on the ship."

If we go by the timeline, the earliest possible date to start a movie would be around 2001, once Patrick Stewart becomes interested in captaining again. Add in a year or two for filming and post-production, and we're in 2003 before you see the Enterprise-E on the big screen again (if rumors are true, you will be seeing it again for the last episode of Deep Space Nine). If the Trek crew must be delayed even further, then we may not see another Trek film until after 2005, after the last Star Wars movie comes out (that is, if the new Star Wars films are as good as we hope they are).

Maybe it's all for the best. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, then a couple years absence from the box office could make fans all the more rabid to see it when it finally arrives.


Source: Daily Sci-Fi "The Den"

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