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Updated on 4/13/2000


Original Air Date: 03/31/99

A Torres story. Voyager encounters another Malon garbage scow that is damaged and is about to blow-- while it's cargo waste, if destroyed, threatens to destroy an entire sector. It's somewhat unusual that the Malon would be making an appearance again given Voyager's quantum slipstream leap in "Timeless".

Someone To Watch Over Me

Original air date: 04/7/99

A Doctor/Seven episode, in which the Doctor falls in love with Seven of Nine and wants to have a relationship with her. Jeri Ryan describes the episode as a cute "Pygmalion thing". Pygmalion is a reference to a movie/musical in which a man creates the "perfect woman" and then falls in love with her.


Original air date: 04/7/99

A Janeway show, dealing with her family and her past. Also apparently deals with how history affects the present. Takes place around the year 2000. The regular crew is not in it much-- it deals mostly with Janeway's relatives. (And Janeway?)


Original air date: 04/21/99

Teaser: Takes place at Utopia Planitia shipyards just before Voyager's mission. Capt. Janeway comes aboard Voyager and tours it with an Admiral as it is under going final preparations for its mission. While touring the ship she runs into an ensign who is 7 of 9 and she's in regular Starfleet uniform without her cybernetic implants.

Act 1: Seven upon seeing Janeway ducks into a the Briefing Room. She is in contact with Starfleet crew from the future (Lt. Ducane of the Relativity). They are in search of a temporal disruptor. She reports that so far she cannot find it. Soon Janeway and the Admiral enter into the briefing room and asks 7 what she thought of the Briefing room. 7, who is trying to avoid contact with Janeway, replies that it is an efficient design. Seven leaves as she tries to avoid any further contact with 7 of 9. Janeway and the Admiral continue the tour which includes visiting the Doctor in his pre-warm-type-of-guy days in the Delta quadrant. Meanwhile 7 is still trying to find the temporal disruptor runs into Lt. Carey. He basically tries to pick her up while she's working. He says that he would see her later and she responds "Unlikely." In this scene she gives her name as Anna Jameson. & moves off into a Jefferies tube where she locates a temporal signature on deck 4 section 39. She removes panel and with her Borg implants sees the temporal disruptor. She contacts Ducane and informs him that she's found it but she can't deactivate it as it is out of temporal phase. She's in the wrong timeframe. They know where the weapon is but not when it was placed there. Meanwhile Carey detects an offline EPS relay and Janeway and the Admiral goes to investigate. through the same Jefferies tube that 7 is in. The hatch is locked. Janeway and the Admiral realize that there must be an intruder when they detect a chronoton flux of .003 from inside the tube and they go on security alert. 7 realizes that they have detected her but Relativity can't beam her out as she's too close to the weapon. The Capt of the Relativity (Capt. Braxton, the same from "Future's End" then orders Ducane to beam her out despite his warning that her bionetic implants can be damaged and kill her. Her does it just as Janeway and the Admiral open the tube hatch from another location. 7 materializes on the Relativity but then collapses and dies because of the damage to her implants.

Act 2: Braxton decides to "recruit" 7 again from the time line. Ducane warns that this could harm her that she could suffer temporal psychosis or neural damage. Braxton replies that she and and all on Voyager will be destroyed if they don't. They decide to go back to the time just before Voyager is destroyed by the disruptor. The scene now switches to the present. Paris challenges 7 to a game of ping pong along with Kim and Torres. Meanwhile Janeway and a few members of the crew are coming down with a case of space sickness (maybe related to the temporal disruptor). Later during the ping pong game, the ball mysteriously freezes in mid-flight. there's a mystery to be investigates. This leads to the discovery that Voyager is fracturing in time and space because of temporal distortions. The cause is unknown but it is coming from deck 4 section 39 (the same location as in act 1). Janeway orders 7 and Torres to investigate while Tuvok tries to reinforce the force fields to keep Voyager together. Torres and 7 locates the disruptor but the crew can't beam it off the ship. Just then the hull starts to demolecularize and part of the ship "explodes" in a temporal explosion. Kim detects the chronoton flux of .003 just as Ducane and a couple of his men beam aboard Voyager to look for 7. Meanwhile 7 and Torres try to escape the time distortions that are engulfing the ship when Torres vanishes because of the temporal effects of the disruptor. Janeway then realizes that the chronoton flux is exactly the same that she detected at the shipyard 5 years ago and knows that it's not a coincidence. the effect becomes too much and Janeway orders abandon ship. The ship is destroyed just as Ducane and his men find 7 and transport her off Voyager.

Act 3: Braxton explains to 7 where she is (29th Century on board the Fed. time ship Relativity) and why he needs her (to use her implants to locate and destroy the device). He also reveals to her that she had been recruited twice before and that she had met with "accidents." They now know when the temporal disruptor was placed...during a battle with the Kazon. The saboteur infiltrated Voyager during the battle while the shields were down and the internal sensors were off line and placed the disruptor. Braxton then orders Ducane to prepare her for the mission and to educate her about different time paradoxes (including a Dali Paradox, the Pogo Paradox (7 talks about the example of this when the Enterprise goes back to stop the Borg from interfering with Zephram Cochran's flight in "First Contact.") After a final briefing, Braxton transports her in a Starfleet uniform and with her implants hidden to Voyager while the ship is under attack by the Kazon.

Act 4: Voyager is under attack by the Kazon and there is much confusion all around as 7 heads to engineering and to the location of the disruptor. Kim detects the chronoton flux of .003 as 7 is beamed aboard. Janeway remembers when she saw that reading last, two years ago in dry-dock. Meanwhile, 7 doesn't find the temporal disruptor nor the saboteur but she lays a trap in the location that it's supposed to be. Janeway orders a force field around the area that 7 is located. Seven knows she's been detected and she's been cut off from Ducane and the Relativity who can't get through to her. Janeway and security locate 7 and immediately recognizes her as the ensign who called the briefing room efficient. Janeway is very skeptical of 7's explanation. Ducane and Braxton are listening in on the conversation hoping that 7 would not reveal who and what she is. This would corrupt the time line. Tuvok realizes that she's Borg. Finally 7 tells the entire truth about how she got there. At the same time alarms go off on Relativity indicating that the time-line is corrupt because of what 7 had said. Also the trap that 7 had set is sprung. 7 and Janeway go to investigate and discover that it's and aged Capt. Braxton that has set the disruptor.

Act 5: Capt. Braxton is suffering from temporal psychosis and he blames Capt. Janeway for it. that is why he is sabotaging Voyager. 7 tries to stop him but Braxton activates the disruptor and disappears. Relativity tracks the older Braxton to Utopia Planitia and Relativity sends 7 after him despite the risk to her life of multiple time transports. 7 chases Braxton to Voyager at Utopia Planitia right past Janeway and the Admiral. All this while Relativity is tracking multiple time line corruptions as 7 is chasing the older Braxton. The older Braxton time jumps again to present day Voyager. The younger Braxton orders 7 to jump to that time despite that she's suffering from temporal narcosis. The younger Braxton is starting to get rattled by all the time jumps and the damage to the time line. 7 and the older Braxton run through the earlier ping-pong game getting everyone's attention including the present day 7. At this point time traveling 7 is dying because of the time shifting she going through. Time traveling 7 explains the situation to her present day counter part and dies. The younger Braxton decides that Relativity must intervene directly because of all the damage to the time line and to the objections of Ducane who is beginning to have deep misgivings about Capt. Braxton's mental state. Meanwhile Paris and Kim are chasing the older Braxton to the bridge. Janeway recognizes him. The older Braxton accuses Janeway of being a threat to the timeline as 7 enters the bridge with a 29th Century phaser. At this point Relativity appears from a temporal rift and Capt. Braxton hails Voyager. The older Braxton tries to convince his younger self to join him in destroying Voyager. Ducane then arrests the younger Braxton for crimes that he will commit. The conflict is resolved. Later Ducane reveals that he will take both Braxton's back to the 29th Century to face the problems he had created. Relativity leaves but not before Janeway asks if they would ever get back to Earth...he reveals nothing. The episode ends with Janeway and 7 trying to figure out a time paradox which drives them nuts.


Original air date: 04/28/99

Voyager runs into another federation ship that was also pulled to the Delta quad by the Caretaker. However, it is a science vessel with far fewer people on board, and they have basically thrown the Prime Directive out the window in order to find anyway possible to get home. Supposedly, they have learned some way to harness energy from a previously unseen alien race to power their ship to speed them home, however the process kills the aliens - but the science vessel crew doesn't care. The crew apparently removed the docs ethical sub-routines so that he would figure out a way to suck the juice out of the aliens. At some point the evil doc gets switched with the good doc, but nobody knows it, and that is the basis of episode #25, Warhead.


Original air date: 05/??/99

The Equinox is on the run from the
aliens who are appearing on the ship through fissures. The Equinox encountered the Kazon at one point. Max Burke, the First Officer, used to be B'Elanna's boyfriend at the academy and gave her the nickname BLT. Tom becomes jealous of Burke.

- A cliffhanger that starts filming Wednesday, March 10.

In the finale, the aliens which had been talked about in the previous episode Warhead show up, rather pissed off, and lead us into the cliffhanger for the season.

Behind the Scenes (Article from TrekWeb.COM)

Reports are surfacing which say that after this season Ken Biller is "gone" to work on other things and Ron Moore was asked to transfer to Voyager - a move which Ron has denied online for months. But rumors place a Ron Moore/Voyager deal already in motion. Status of others (Bryan Fuller, Joe Menisci, Rene Echevarria (DS9) is still to be determined (except Brannon Braga and Michael Taylor who will remain for sure).

UPDATE - Friday, April 9, 1999, 3:45 PM EDT

I had the opportunity to speak with Brannon Braga (executive producer, Star Trek: Voyager) about the rumored changes in the writing staff today. Although he did not want to make any comment on the record, I can say that he conceded that some changes are in store for Voyager's writing staff. What exactly the nature of those changes are at this point, he is not able to make any comment.

However, I have received some more reports today (in response to the original report) that confirm the Ron Moore transfer as well as hint at Rene Echevarria (DS9) also joining the staff next year. Regarding Menosky and Fuller, decisions have yet to be made.


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