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What is Starfleet Missions?

Starfleet Missions is an Computer Animated Series based in the current Star trek timeline, and is made exclusively for the PC, its 100% free to all people to watch; I just make them to enhance my skills at 3D, and this is a way of doing it <g>.

I started creating the characters for the show in 1993, and got script and stuff completed in late 1993, then started actually working on the animation and shots. I used Deluxe Paint Animation for the entire episode, and pretty much pushed that program to its limits.

In 1994 (October I believe) Starfleet Missions episode 1 was released to the public, and tons of people loved it.. at the time, the artwork and effects were pretty good, and lots of people downloaded it from my BBS.

I then knew that my next feature would HAVE to be done in complete 3D, and this was going to be a huge undertaking, I didn't know much about 3D modeling then, so it would take time.. try 6 years! <g>
The reason it's taken 6 years is I had to develop a library of models, sets, planets and humans.. that took a lot of time, then learning exactly how to animate humans (Still working on that part in some areas) but since then, I've collected nearly 4 Gig's of Textures, a total of 1.2 gigs of models and Scenes!

I could have learned a bit, and thrown a movie together.. but that's not how I operate.. I have to get things perfect.. (It bugs me sometimes).. but the end project will be something you'll all really like and enjoy!

Lets talk about the premise of the Series --
Its about a group of cadets, that have joined Starfleet (One of which is Alexander, Worf's Son) and they are going through Starfleet Academy, learning all kinds of things.. going to other planets, starships, Starbases and more..

The series takes place on Earth, but that doesn't mean they don't go aboard Starships and go through training or get transported via shuttle to another training camp on another planet for awhile...

Starfleet Missions episode 2 will still have the same characters in it from episode 1; just in 3D -- And the 2D to 3D conversion worked out pretty well (Its still kind of hard to get rid of that Poser4(ish) look to their faces) <g>.


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Updated on 03-15-2001

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