Aduas Nacti


Rank: Commander
Assignment: Starfleet Academy
Post: Instructor

Race: Alesian
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Matar 2 - Novis Providence
Height: 6.9ft
Weight: 276lbs
Hair Color: N/A

Subject Highlights:
"The Strong and Taught shall Prevail" - Words Instructor Nacti lives and teaches by.
Aduas Nacti Joined Starfleet in 24323.07, and became a valued asset on the USS Yorktown.
Raised up in the ranks very quickly, and has always wanted to be an Instructor at the Academy.

Received the Metal of Valor in 26115.32, for saving a group of Officers from a plasma explosion at Starbase 43.

On Stardate 26246.55, captured a small group of Maquis trying to steal a group of Runabouts, 6 were captured, and 4 were Killed.

Fought the Borg Invasion on the 29973.01, on the USS Appalachia, a Steamrunner Vessel.

Many Cadets fear Aduas Nacti, not that he's a tough instructor, but has an intimidating look, Standing at 6.9 Feet, Many Cadets get sore necks speaking to him.



Photo of Aduas Nacti

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