Linda Kityre



Rank: Cadet
Assignment: Training / Starfleet Academy
Post: Trainee

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Nome, Alaska
Height: 5.4ft
Weight: 121lbs
Hair Color: Brown

Subject Highlights:
"To believe in others, you must believe in yourself"

Born in Nome, Alaska or as she called it "Alyeshka" meaning "Great Land".
grew up as a young child fishing with her father, and helped her mother with work at home as well, neither of her parents were in Starfleet, and did not agree with her joining up in the Academy.
Although young, and born on the rough edges of Alaska, she is a very smart, and bright. while she was growing up, she always kept up with the local holonews, and meta-reports via satcoms..



Photo of Linda Kityre

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