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News for 02/22/2006

Starfleet Missions Update

It has been on hold for 3 years due to many real life things. One being work. Another is a change from using trueSpace to 3DS Max for 3D work. And now, I have learned Max, and have imported all the Starfleet Missions 'sets'. I have also been remaking most of the models that needed it--I will first work on the SFM Episode 1. It will have added scenes as well, as well as music and more, using Windows Media Video. Production is underway, and I have turnaround on making shots is so much faster, so it will be completed much faster.

Making Models for Neverwinter Nights almost done!
After a year in development, the hakpak for the RPG Neverwinter Nights will be released in a few weeks, and then, All the 3D Models here (sci-fi) and such will finally get a total remake, and I NO LONGER use trueSpace. I have moved to 3DS Max.

Transformers Comic Released
I have finished scanning in
Issue 15 of the Transformers - Another Saga Comic book I made in 1990, Its been digitally cleaned up and updated (New Eye Candy). Read it online and tell me what you think!

Starfleet Missions Area Up!
I have updated the Starfleet Missions area, I added some
NEW Screenshots, and 2 Sample AVI's.

Updated the
Release Dates Schedule Also.

I have totally Redesigned the
Starfleet Missions Episode II Site, Everything is Brand New, And See the Bios of the Cast & Crew, View all the Latest Screenshots and AVI Samples!

Need Textures of Road Signs?
I have Released the first in a series of Free Textures I will be releasing in time, this one has a whopping 360 TGA Files - 1.3MB
Download Here

Starfleet Missions Episode I
Download it Now!


Starfleet Missions Episode II
Sneak Preview Now!

About Compu-Comics

If you missed some news Articles, and want to keep up with all the latest happenings here at Compu-Comics, Check the News Area Daily.

Latest News

If you missed some news Articles, and want to keep up with all the latest happenings here at Compu-Comics, Check the News Area Daily.

Release Dates

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