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Updated On 4/3/2000


12/01/96: Compu-Comics have updated the entire website, this also includes the interface.

12/05/96: The Enterprise NCC-1701E TrueSpace Wire frame Ziroc has been added to the Compu-Comics page.

12/09/96: We have added some new Screen-shots to the Star trek Interactive Animated Movie Area. Check them out!

12/12/96: The Jem'Hadar and Enterprise 1701-E Screen-shots have been added to the STIAM Area.

12/13/96: The Star trek Interactive Animated Preview Demo will be released on 8/23/98.

01/07/97: Mortal Moves v2.0 has been released. This is a Graphical Help program for Mortal Kombat III. (721k)

03/13/97: Updated the Website with new Navigation and Java Buttons.

08/04/97: I added a few new Screen-shots from the Starfleet Missions II Movie.

08/22/97: Added a Few New Screen-Shots at the Request of many people!

10/11/97: I am going to be out of town for a week, so nothing will be updated until the 24th.

12/01/97: Re-designed the Entire Compu-Comics Site. and Added Some New Screen-shots, and Removed some of the oldest ones.

01/09/98: Added new Images to the Compu-Comics Site, and Announced a new Release date for SFM2.

02/19/98: Announced a brand new Animated Movie Called "Intruders on Earth"

02/25/98: Announced the Release dates for Intruders on Earth, and Announced that Compu-Comics would be making a movie Based on the Transformers.

04/11/98: Announced that Compu-Comics is going to make another Star trek: The Next Generation Movie, and is Excepting Scripts for it.

06/23/98: I added a New Screen-Shot, and Put up all the Older Screen-shots for Starfleet Missions II, Since some of you might have missed them. :-) Remember, Starfleet Missions Episode 1 is Online for download, its 8.3MB, and runs about 15 minutes. Well worth the time to download it.

06/23/98: Starfleet Missions Episode 2 is about 60% Complete, I had to redo a few scenes due to worf's son's appearance in DS9, and the Dominion War.

06/24/98: Work has also begun on "Intruders on Earth", a series based on the Blackwood team in the TV. Series "War of the Worlds".

06/24/98: I have added 3 New Areas:

1) An Older Screen Shots page, showing you some of the older screen-shots some of you might have missed.

2) An Even
OLDER Screen-shot Area..

A Comparison Page, Showing you the Exact same Render from 14 Months ago, and Current. See How Different they look!

12/01/98: Updated the News Area, and Don't forget to look at some of the older Screen-shots.
I Will be uploading a few scenes from an Underwater
Starfleet Base And the Sickbay in Starfleet Academy. where the Movie Starts off.. This week!

12/15/98: The Title for Starfleet Missions Episode II is "The Unseen Enemy".
I will be releasing a small preview ASAP as well!


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