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 Web Design

The Great Escape Studios offers top quality web page development and design. All of our Graphic Designers and Programmers have no less than 5 years experience and all are members of the HTML Writers Guild.

We work with you, be it in person, or via e-mail, we listen to your needs, and show you examples of what can be done. We have MANY creative minds at work, let us put one of them to work for you.


A first impression can mean the difference between a customer staying at your site, or leaving to visit your competitions site.

We can make that first Impression a great one - a successful,
PROFITABLE one, one that will keep people coming back, and telling others about.

What sets us apart from the rest, First of all, we
CARE about getting you online, and will walk you through the steps it takes in order to create that perfect web presence, one that you will be happy with.

Many Companies that design websites will just ask you a few question, get a few faxes of what the client wants, and they slap something together that the client may not like, but the work is done, so they are stuck paying for something they don't really like.

We ask you exactly what you want, and that's what you get. We will work with you, to create the perfect website for you.

All of our Designs are of high-caliber, we have created many websites that can compete with some of the best sites out there! (CNN, C|net, Microsoft, and more!)



As you are well aware, if you own a business and you don't have a web presence, you are missing out on a very lucrative area of the market.

Let us bring you into the next Millennium in Style! We can design a website for you no matter what size business you have - If all you need is one page, with contact info, we can do that too!

How Many people are on the Internet? Estimates say that by the year 2000, the United States ALONE will have 133 MILLION people using the internet, and of those 133 Million, 75% will make purchases on the net.
Source CNN & Computerworld


Web Design Costs

Base Package (this is included with each of the packages 1-4 below)

Up to two hours of client consultation
Your company logo

Custom background for all pages
Graphical navigational bar for all pages
One email feedback form with up to twenty fields
Monthly Web Traffic Statistics
Up to ten external links

Search engine registration in 300+ search engines
(all major search engines included)

Choose the amount of content that you want included on your site:

Package 1
- Base Package plus 3 pages Navigation Interface and 18 graphics = $ 750 total

- Graphics are customer-supplied or stock images
- each extra page with up to 2 graphics = $175


Package 2 - Base Package plus 6 pages Navigation Interface and 36 graphics $1295 total

- Graphics are customer-supplied or stock images
- each extra page with up to 6 graphics = $200


Package 3 - Base Package plus 10 pages Navigation Interface and 60 graphics = $1995 total

- Graphics are customer-supplied or stock images
- each extra page with up to 6 graphics = $200


Package 4 - Base Package plus 15 pages, Navigation Interface and 90 graphics = $2995 total

- Graphics are customer-supplied or stock images
- each extra page with up to 6 graphics = $200



Add-On Options to any of above packages


Charge Per Item

Additional design consultation


Thumbnail/Large Photo Pairs

$5 if larger photo is not on a web page

Thumbnail/Large Photo Pairs

$15 if larger photo is on a web page

Additional customer-supplied graphic

$20 per graphic

Additional stock graphic

$25 per graphic

Creation of custom


Logo Design

$500 Minimum Charge

Image Scanning

$5 per image

Additional Email Feedback Forms

$25 Each (Up to 25 fields)

Password Protected Directory


Discussion Board





$15 each

Data Entry/Typing


Non-Service Updates

$50/hour + Materials

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