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Charly - 1980 - 1997 
'Choc' Chocolate - 1993-2014



Updated on 01/20/2008

Charly was my Siamese cat which was by my side for 17 years; From 1st grade, until Oct. 1997 @ 9:21pm.
It all started when we had a leak in our ceiling, and needed a roofer to repair it, he fixed it, and said he had some Siamese kittens he was looking to give away, well, we got one, the runt of the litter too! He was a bit shy for the first few weeks, then he felt at home, I built little 'club houses' out of boxes and bed spreads, and he loved to go in them and sleep.

When he was 5, he had a build-up of crystals in his bladder,
(Due to ash in cat food), he had to go to the vet at 3am, and was there for a week, the surgery was experimental, and the doc said it was a 50/50 chance, well, he made it, they had to remove his you know what, but he could still hold his bladder, he leaked sometimes, but that was no big deal.. anyway, his belly was shaved, and he was thin, I nursed him back to health, and he got better.

About 2 years later, he came in from outside around 12am, and he was moaning, someone hit him with their car, not bad though, the bottom of his back foot was skinned a bit, and his tail was limp,
(broke), well, he recovered in a month, I vowed to watch him carefully from then on out when he went outside, I didn't let him go out much after that.

Sometime after that, I was out on the front porch, it was early morning, and I say him in the neighbors bushes, he saw me and meowed for help
(I knew by the tone) he was limping to me and looked like something got all over him.

It was the neighbors.. they put this sticky crap at the base of their gutter exits, it was like fly-paper, well he managed to get covered in it.. poor guy struggled to walk to me, I picked him up and we used warm soapy water and got it out.. from then on out, he had good luck, never got hurt or caught in something again.. Well, one time I was outside at night, and was looking for him, when I saw him he was chasing a black cat TOWARDS the road, a car was coming, and I yelled
"CHARLY!!" he stopped, looked at me, and darted left, up onto the porch, the black cat however ran onto the road, and the car hit it, and it died in my arms.
Then we moved to Florida,
(I hate Florida) I made sure he was supervised when outdoors, you see here in 'hell' <g> we have fire ants, scorpions, snakes, big spiders, and crocs.. well, he adapted well to being a house cat, if you look at the photos, he looked more 'happy' as he got older.. I did kind of terrorized him when I was little, but he got me back.. I have my scars! <g>

He Drank ONLY from a glass, in the bathroom, and once I caught him using the TOILET when we took him on vacation! I never trained him either.
He beat up dogs, it was so funny.. a dog walked up to him, a little bigger than him, the dog just wanted to smell him, well Charly didn't want him near, so he popped him in the nose with his paw, heheh, the dog ran away with his tail down between his legs.. He was the
'Leader' of the entire block. other cats knew this too.

When we came home, he would be at the door to greet us, ALWAYS. and when I went to bed, he would do the same routine, eat a bit of food, jump up on my bed, walk around me to my face, smell me, and nudge the covers to get under. Every night.

In the Morning, his wet nose would be in my ear or face, he wanted me to get up and feed him...

I nick named him sooo many weird names, a few are Molen, Charles Lee Worthington, Cap'reanie, Juice, Liquid-Gold, Choc, Chocolate, Jue, and soo many more.

Getting a NEW Cat!
In March of 1998, I had decided that I needed someone, I felt 'empty' without a cat -- my Charly, so I went with a friend to the SPCA, we went into the cat area, I saw MANY nice cats, ranging in ages 3 months to 9 yrs old... Then, I saw him, his name was "Sinatra", a Siamese Chocolate point, 5 1/2 yrs old, and...blind!

The wildest thing was HE was the one sticking his paw out of the cage to 'touch' me, I asked to see him, and I picked him up, this guy was the LOUDEST purr'r (Plural heheh) I had ever heard.. I left, came back a week later, he was still there.. I was not 100% sure I REALLY wanted another cat that looked almost exactly as Charly did, so the 3rd time I visited (2 weeks later), my girlfriend and I went, he was there, she loved him too.. I decided, I gotta save this guy, if anyone can take care of a blind kitty, I can.. I have 17 yrs exp!

I took him home, and renamed him to
"Chocolate", I got that from his 'point' makeup, he IS a 'chocolate point Siamese, well, partly Chocolate Point, but Mostly the Traditional Siamese.. <g>

The first week was very interesting.. for both of us, I watched as he bumped into things, and followed the walls around.. he slept in the kitchen, he was scared I guess.. the following days were exciting, he started to walk around without hitting things, he would take hallway corners PERFECTLY, like you or I would, and he found his litter box right away - same with his food bowl, and water..

It was very weird, he is so smart, this cat actually searched around the house, and even wanted to know how HIGH something was, he would stretch his arms up on the wall, as high as he could, just to see what's up there, and how high things went.. he did this everywhere.. I am guessing he was getting a mental image of his area.. HAD TO BE! He did have some fleas, and ear mites that he got at the SPCA.. I took him to the vet to get that taken care of..
A few months later, he came into our room, jumped up on our bed to sleep with us.. he sleeps at the bottom of the bed, unlike Charly, which had to be near my face.. or under the covers with me! <g>, I found out that he HATES breathing, I mean, if you inhale and exhale FAST and loud, he goes nuts, attacking stuff, and playing.. I guess it bugged his hearing..
(His hearing is SHARP!!) Also, he loves Helium Balloons with a ribbon and a weight attached.. He plays A LOT.. I mean, A LOT, And he nails the target exact, never misses.. He pounces, he runs up the back of the chair, (An old orangeish colored chair), its HIS chair.. my friend came over, sat in it, and Choc walked up to him, smelled him, then looked up at him and meowed! Heheh, like saying "Hey, get outta my chair!".

Its now Jan. 1999, his first Christmas was great, he DID sleep under the tree as I had hoped.. I got him a little pillow with feathers and cat-nip in it, 2 balls with bells in them, and a balloon! We went nuts! Couldn't stop playing..

Things he does now
If he wants to play, he'll run into my room, if I am in there, and will sit by my chair and meow, then run out, (yes, run! AND taking a right turn in the hall perfectly!) or meow while we watch TV. Heheh..

Choc begs for food, when we first got him he begged more, but he's getting better now <g>.
He has found my computer chair.. should I say more...even when I am IN it, he'll jump up, and stand in my lap..

He now sleeps with us nightly, and meets us at the door..

In March, 1999, he will have been with us 1 year, and he has turned out to be a great cat.. I never thought that I would have another cat, that was special like Charly, but I lucked out, Chocolate is too -- and even if he IS blind, it doesn't even come to mind, I sometimes forget he is, he does so many things... friends that come over can't even tell! heheh, they are blown away when I tell them he is blind!

So, if you ever want a pet, and go to the
SPCA, and you see a nice Cat OR Dog, and they are blind or something, don't let that be a factor in getting one, they need love too!

Tell me YOUR cat Story! :-)
Dan - Aka "Ziroc"

Image of Charly Looking like he just worked a hard day, wait, he always looked like that!
Charly at age 12


Charly sitting in the upstairs bathroom window watching the dogs in our neighbors yard! (he wants to eat them)
Charly at age 8


Charly and Emo (the Hamster) They got along well.. until Charly got hungery! <JK!>
Charly at age 10


Charly at age 6


Charly at age 7



Chocolate is Sweet hehe
Chocolate at Age 5 1/2
(Click on Pic to Enlarge)


I'm coming to GET YOU!
Chocolate at Age 5 1/2
(Click on Image to Enlarge)


Chocolate at Age 5 1/2
(Click on Image to Enlarge)

He's Tired... as usual! <g>
Chocolate at Age 5 1/2
(Click on Image to Enlarge)



Chocolate Snoozing  (Age 8)
(Click on Image to Enlarge)

Chocolate Stalking! (Age 8)
(Click on Image to Enlarge)

Chocolate saying
"What the hell do YOU want?"
 (Age 8)
(Click on Image to Enlarge)

Chocolate hiding :-) (Age 8)
(Click on Image to Enlarge)

Chocolate on my lap with a bear on him, pissing him off I'm sure!  (Age 8)
(Click on Image to Enlarge)

Chocolate "Devil Eyes"  (Age 8)
(Click on Image to Enlarge)

Chocolate's thinking
"I'm going to scratch you for this..."
(Age 8)
(Click on Image to Enlarge)


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