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About the Author

The Beginning

I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. Born in 1972, and Started drawing when I was probably 4. I also got modeling clay (the non drying kind) and smeared it on a table mat, (made land) then I made roads, and buildings on the mat. I remember using paperclips as support beams for the walls! Anyway, I won awards in school for the best drawings, the best clay sculpturing, and stuff, but I got a PC, a Commodore 128, Never used it to draw, in 1989, I moved to Lakeland, Florida..

The Digital Age

In 1991, I finally got a Nice PC, bought Deluxe Paint IIe and DP Animation, and I started designing everything you could think of, once I got good at it, I decided to make an animated movie, well, I AM a trekker (not the nutty kind, mind you) <g>, so I made 5 trek movies based on Star trek: The Next Generation, the first 4 were really.. um, bad? (Well, at the time, I thought they looked awesome, for 2D!) Then I decided to create a new Star trek series, one that I could shape. It would be based in the current trek universe, taking current elements from the movies, TV shows, and some books.. I created a series called "Starfleet Missions", I released my first episode in 1994. It was the best 2D work I had ever done, it took over 9 months of design, I alone, made it!

Then came Windows 95, and TrueSpace2, It took me about a year to really get the feel of it, and build up a library of objects, landscapes and sets, to finally start work on Starfleet missions II! This would be the FIRST 3D Animated movie based in the current Star trek Universe!


2000 And Beyond!

Its In production now, and I can't begin to tell you how detailed this movie is going to be, I have ships that are so good looking, you can zoom in, and look in a window, and see a desk, or a bed, its awesome!
The movie Starfleet Missions II uses 'sets' which are the places my human wire frames will inhabit, such as a starship's bridge, or an officer's cabin. These sets are pretty much like real movie sets, they have cameras, lights, and props, I have over 300 props I use in SFM2, and over 120+ ships and planets!

I do Web Design, and other things (Tech stuff), and have had little time to work on SFM2 lately, but I am getting back to it, I'm also scanning in all my OLD Paper comics I made when I was younger (7-19), I made like 60+ Comics on everything from Transformers <g>, to my OWN Comic Character, Durty-Bug (yes, with a U) <g>.

What I do in my spare time, besides work, is play a few PC Games, like the SIMS, Quake 3, and UT.. Also go out and do stuff around Florida, I hate Lakeland so much, its a very boring place to live.. SOoooo, we end up going to Tampa, or  Orlando...

Well, I'll add more soon!

Dan Huling aka "Ziroc"

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