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About Compu-Comics Interactive


When I was Seven, I Started to Draw Comic books, Many in fact.. A total of 71 of them, I had my Comic Character Durty-Bug(c)1982-1999, which even back then was more evil and discussing that Bart Simpson <g>, I made 41 Issues of Durty-Bug, (And Each Issue had at least 15 pages, all colored using Marvy Markers).
Durty-Bug I Made 13 Issues of Transformers, and 2 Issues of G.I.Joe. Bug My Second largest series was "Intruders: On Earth" this was based on the TV Series "War of the Worlds" and had the Blackwood team and everyone else in it. This Series Ran 18 Issues. (There were a few Other I made too).. Anyway, When I got a powerful enough PC, I decided to go digital with my Comics, and Needed a name as my Publisher, so I Came up with "Compu-Comics".
I have produced
7 Startrek: TNG Movies, all using that name, Compu-Comics.. (Btw, None of those Movies have been online as of yet, I MAY put them online sometime, but they are REALLY old, and to put it bluntly, they Suck (For
today's standard)..

So Now I Kept that Name, But I feel that the Movies I make now, are not really Comics, but more like
real MOVIES.. So What I am thinking of doing is using my Website name, "The Great Escape Studios" at the Main Production Company name. But Keep CCi as a Secondary Name.

The name
"The Great Escape" was what I called my WWIV BBS I ran from 1991-1995, and it was a very popular Board in Lakeland, FL.

Well, there you have it, We Make movies, and will Keep making them until You see one on the Big Screen


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