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Starfleet Missions Episode II



Starfleet Missions II
Starfleet Missions II is well underway, and will be the first fully 3D Rendered Animated Movie Made by Compu-Comics. All the other were Designed in Deluxe Paint Animation.
The Movie is about 64% done, and Consists of
200+ Props, 130+ Ships, and 43 Fully Developed Locations; Such as an Alien Planet Base, or a Star base, or even Starfleet Command

Intruders On Earth



Intruders on Earth
This New Series Coming out Next Year, is based on the TV Series War of the Worlds, and will be based on the 1st Season, with the Advocates, NOT Malzar.
Production has begun, and a script is ready. I am now working on the Locations and ships. But work on this will be light until Starfleet Missions II is complete.

Coming Soon: The Compu-Comics Texture CD!

Compu-Comics Texture
CD-Rom Vol 1.
Over the years, I have designed over a thousand textures, and some I download from the Internet, Well, for the 1st time, these Textures will be for sale! It is not for sale yet, but Keep checking the News area here at Compu-Comics for the latest Information.


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