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Starfleet Missions II
Starfleet Missions II will be Released Sometime in the 2001. It is taking longer due to some re-rendering of some scenes. and the Alexander Character in Deep Space Nine.
For all the
Latest information, Checkout the Brand New Updated Starfleet Missions Episode II Website Here!

Starfleet Missions II Image

Starfleet Missions II will also be released on CD-Rom, and will be a Special Edition, Including more scenes, and an Interview by me.

Star trek: The Next Generation
"Episode VI"
I have started excepting Script Ideas for this Episode, If you have a Script that you would like to see converted into an actual Animated Movie, Send it to me and I will get back with you. Since I receive many scripts, I can't promise yours will be 'the' one.

Intruders on Earth
Back in 1989, a TV Show called "War of the Worlds" was on the air, I liked it, and the Idea, so I made 13 Comic books about the Blackwood Team, with all NEW Stories.

Intruders on Earth Screen Shot

Now, its 1999, 10 years later, and I am going to convert the Comics I wrote into a Fully Animated Movie, Free as always for download when Completed.
I have already started Designing Sets for the Movie.

Transformers: Rebirth
I have always loved Transformers, the Idea of machines that can transform is really awesome. and I decided to make an Animated Movie about them, BUT, it will continue about a year after the last episode of the 'headmasters" series, not the Beast Wars, because I don't consider that part of the timeline yet.
This Episode was when the Headmasters were shown, and Cybertron finally had its Golden Age.
As I get closer to Making the Movie, and its in Production, I will create a full Website for it, showing all the Stuff on the Movie, with Screen-shots and More!


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