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Welcome to the Great Escape Studios

News for March April 15th 2020

Ironworks Live Streaming 3D City!
I have been streaming my long awaited 3D City for use in my Comic book like of Durty Bug and Intruders on Earth. Come to my Official Youtube Channel, Ironworks Gaming! Click the Link HERE!. Remember to Subscribe (free) and click the bell Icon to get alerts when I go live, (which is in high res 1440p (2k mode) for crisp livestreams. Or watch it anytime afterwards, as they are all Archived. I have over 500 videos--many or them are from gaming, but I have a playlist JUST for 3D Modeling too!!

Ironworks Forum UP!
I fixed it! Took the CPU off, cleaned the pins, and swapped some RAM out and BOOM! Booted up fine! Whew.... Saved myself a lot of money. lol. All is back to normal!

TWO Comics being Released!
I've been quite busy working on three websites at once, as well as finishing up work on THREE Durty Bug Comics (Two of which will be released next Month (May 2015). The third will come in AUG. These are NOT 'scanned in, and digitally colored.. no. These are completely redrawn with my latest skills in comic design, using all the latest Adobe Photoshop 2015 special effects and features! It looks amazing compared to the originals.. (I must say.. lol). So stay tuned!.

(Also, this entire site is nearly ready to be updated completely and will finally show off my NEW 3D Model selections, and not those old 1990's Sci-Fi models. I am designing a complete 3D City in HD detail. Why? It'll be the backdrop for the NEW comics of Durty Bug and another Comic called 'Intruders on Earth'. based loosely on the TV Series 'War of the Worlds, but much better. :) 

New Web Design in June 2013!
It will incorporate all the updated and current 3D Models and artwork I have done (with an an updated web design), as well as a few all NEW areas for the Comic Line I'm about to release! Dūrty Bug is coming...

Construction Almost done
I am almost done with the new TGE Web Design, and it should be uploaded this coming week! The design is much the same, but I built upon the current look, keeping it simple to navigate and adding many new features. Every area will also be updated, some areas will have new content, and new 3D Models will be ready to go in a few weeks too!

Dropping TrueSpace Webring
I no longer use trueSpace for any project, so there is no reason to keep my site in the Webring. The nav button on the lefthand side will be removed when the new design is launched.

New Design Underway

This design you see was created in 1998. It was so ahead of its time in design, and HTML, that it really stood the test of time and current design styles. I still get emails on it. 

The new design is underway now, and will build upon this design, yet bring forth much better navigation design, complete SSI integration, and flash. I won't clutter the design up--I like to keep it simple, and I think you guys want to get around the site as efficiently as possible.

Also, build into this front page will be a 'virtual' web cam. This will show the latest renderings of 3D Models I am working on, and will most of the time, released freely to the public. You can watch, as each day as a Model progresses! It'll be updated every update daily. Email me if you like the idea!

Starfleet Missions Update
It has been on hold for 3 years due to many real life things. Another is a change from using trueSpace to 3DS Max for 3D work. And now, I have learned Max, and have imported all the Starfleet Missions 'sets'. I have also been remaking most of the models that needed it--I will first work on the SFM Episode 1. It will have added scenes as well, as well as music and more, using Windows Media Video. Production is underway, and I have turnaround on making shots is so much faster, so it will be completed much faster.

Making Models for Neverwinter Nights!
After a year in development, the hakpak for the RPG Neverwinter Nights will be released in a few weeks, and then, All the 3D Models here (sci-fi) and such will finally get a total remake, and I NO LONGER use trueSpace3D. I have moved to 3D Studio Max. 3DS Max is a sophisticated high-end 3D Modeling software package that has been used in MANY Hollywood blockbuster movies, and animated movies like Toy Story.

Hurricane Images of our area!
I live in Florida, and as many of you may know, we were hit with 4 hurricanes this summer, and 3 of them hit over our city, Lakeland. Our home lost only 2 shingles and mostly tree branches (some LARGE though).

I have put up an image gallery Here so you can see what the last one did -- Hurricane Jeanne. It was a scary storm, and I like storms, but this one was scary. 90+ mph sustained winds is no joke. 4 of our neighbors lost 50% of their roofs and siding, so we were very lucky. View the images here!



New DVD quality SFME1 Clip
It's the same one just released below, but the quality is 200% better, and new scenes have been added and reshot. It's now 14MB. Let me know what you think on our Forum!
Download Now

Starfleet Missions Clip Released!
This is a short clip of a Starfleet Hopper Shuttle attacking a Larger Starfleet Starship. It's using Windows Media format, and is 3.5MB
You can watch it
Here. More on the way!

Over the past five Months, we have been working on the remake of the first Starfleet Missions movie. Originally released in 1994, the graphics are very out-dated. We are working for a release date of July 2004. The original was done in Deluxe Paint Animation, and the remake will be done in trueSpace 6.5 with full music score, and voice and sound effects.

What about Starfleet Missions II you ask? well, production on that was halted until this is released, and it is mostly complete, and we will need people to do voice-overs, so if you have a good speaking voice, and can maybe do more than one voice, Email me with a sample!

The Official Forums are BACK!
It's been some time since our Forums have been up, but I have created a brand new 'TGEWEB' Forum for anyone to post your artwork pic's as well as see upcoming artwork from the many projects I am working on! The forums are located at Ironworks Forum--Which is another Site I own and have been running since 1999. Everyone is welcome!!! Click Here to go right to the Art Forum.

World Premiere of Durty Bug�!
The Great Escape has released the first ever totally digitally produced Comic based on the Characters Dan Huling created back in 1982. The Comic is entitled 'Durty Bug�' (Not Dirty Bug), and you will be able to read the entire Comic, which is 35 pages. For those what will want a paper based comic, those will also be available, and will be autographed on request. We're setting up the Shopping cart for purchases now!


New Compu-Comics Release
Our first Official Compu-Comic Release will be in June 2003! This comic is based loosely on the TV Series "War of the Worlds" --Not to be confused with the Movie of the same name.

We will also be selling them in paper format for a small price, but the digital format is free.

Each comic's locations, people and 'sets' were all done in trueSpace5 (a 3D Modeling Program) and with added effects which look amazing!

Click Here to see a page from the 1st Issue we will be releasing in Jan 2003.

Update on Starfleet Missions II
I have had many emails asking when SFME2 would be released, since I started the project in 1999. Since then, many things have happened in my life--My Mom passed, and we had to deal with a few other things as well. Needless to say, I am still working on it, and it's about 50% complete. I already have the soundtrack ready, so that will help speed the release a lot! Stay tuned for a short clip of SFME2 early next year!

I have been very busy with many different projects for a few months, and will be releasing 2 NEW Models soon. One is the the Transport Rings from Stargate SG1, and another is The SS Enterprise NX-1 (As seen in the new Startrek series 'Enterprise'). It looks much like the Akira Class Starship.

Also-- I have been reworking the forums. I have
upgraded the forum software, and right now I am testing it out, and working on the artwork layouts for it. It will be ready for use in a week or so.

The first in a series of 30 second 'previews' of the sets that are used in Starfleet Missions II are being uploaded, the 1st one is online now!

Their IS one 'hiccup' in this AVI (A camera error, but it only lasts 3 frames)
This AVI REQUIRES the Div-X Codec, which can be downloaded

This 30 second animation is a walk-around in Starfleet Academy grounds (West wing complex). The AVI is 3.7MB

Download 30 second Movie Here

Remember, If you are into PC
Roleplaying Games, check out Ironworks Gaming

Starfleet Missions Episode I

Download it Now!
Click Image to Go There

Have you Downloaded My Animated Star trek Movie yet? If not, go Snag it ASAP, If you are into Star trek, you will really Enjoy it! This Movie, Starfleet Missions Episode I, was Made in 1994, and was 100% Drawn and Animated by Hand.

8.5MB, and Runs 15 Minutes long, you don't need any special viewer to see it either, I have
integrated a player into the program.

Starfleet Missions Episode II
Sneak Preview Now!
Click Image to Go There

Starfleet Missions Episode II has been in Production for over 2 Years now, and its going to be one Huge Movie and will be free to download when its done!

I have thrown away the Old Site, and created a totally
Brand New Site for this Movie, Its Release will be Pretty soon, and on the Episode II site, you can View all the Latest Screen-Shots, a Behind the Scenes look at the Movie In Production, plus, Read their Bio, and View each Cast Member Rendered Entirely in 3D!

Movie is a 500% Step up from the First Episode made in 1994, the Entire movie will be Fully 3D, will have a Soundtrack, and Voiceovers! What are you waiting for, Go Check it out!




 Ironworks Gaming

Go there Now!

If you play Baldur's Gate I or II, Darkstone, Wizardry 8, Icewind Dale, Sacred, Neverwinter Nights or any other number of great CRPG games, check us out, we have all the latest and greatest news and info on all the top RPG games.


 Ironworks 3D Modeling Forum

Go there Now!

Ironworks Forum covers RPG games, as well as General Discussions--not having to do with gaming at all. We also have a current events forum, and the 3D Modeling and Drawing Forum! Check it out, and tell your friends! Upload your Artwork, and show it off!


The 3D Starship Archive

Go there Now!

I have designed many Starships and for the Starfleet Missions II Movie Coming soon. I have added a handful of the Best Starships already, and I will be adding more and more until I have ALL Ships covered, this also includes Space Stations.


Transformers Comics

Go there Now!

Those great 1980's Transforming robots are back, and I posted some old scanned in comics that I have designed when I was younger.. They have been cleaned up and digitally enhanced as well!



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