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Planet Quake - - One of the BEST Sites to download ANYTHING Quake, If you play I or II, You will find the Levels, Editors, Reviews and Upgrades here.


The John Gotti Tribute Page - - Kind of a weird site to pick, I know; But, its kinda cool, and has some good info and background on the man, the "Teflon Don".
(Website Closed on Nov 10th 1999)


Planet Unreal - - The makers of Planet Quake have made a NEW Site, For the Game "Unreal", the most Graphic Intensive Game yet for the PC. Download Updates, Levels, and Editors here.


Pedro's Shiporama - - This Site Has Nearly EVERY Starship from the Startrek Universe, Including the Akira, Steamrunner, and Norway Class Starships, Each Dosser has a Cool Set of Pictures and some are Animated. Go there NOW!


TC Computers - - If you are Looking for a Motherboard, Ram, or something as odd as a TV Card, TC Computers Has it, and at LOW Prices, (And I have seen many PC Sites) The layout and design of the site makes it a snap to navigate, and uses the "Shopping Cart" Feature. Check it out!


Halloween-H20 - - The Evil Returns again, this time Laurie Strode Fights it out with Micheal Myres! One Will DIE. This movie IMO, was shot very well, and is second to part I.


Discovery Channel "Titanic Live" - The link is now inactive since it was LIVE, the site is now down.


Sim City 3000 - - First there was the Classic, Sim City, then Sim City 2000, now, get ready for the NEXT release, Sim City 3000, with 16-bit color, people walking the streets, Sky Scrapers, Middle Schools,Detailed Traffic, and TONS More. A MUST go see!
Also Check out
The Resource Center for Sim City 3000 for the Latest news.


The North Pole - - Santa is waiting for you at the northpole! Now there is a website where you can email Santa with letters and check out all the different stories and toy lists Santa has! this site does not contain banners or anything like that.. Just a nice site where kids can go, check it out, and email Santa!



Daystrom Institute Technical Library - One of the Best Starship Information sites on the Internet, Like Pedro's Starship Site, it has In-Depth Information on all different Starships in the Startrek Universe! A Must see for Trekker's!


The Render Engine - If you need any type of help for Truespace the Renderengine is the place to go! LOTS of great News on all things Truespace!


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